Curtidos Atienza S.A. focuses on the manufacture of cowhide through a 100% vegetable tanning method. The tanning process is more environmentally friendly than chrome-tanned leathers, we use natural substances like extracts of Quebracho and Mimosa. The vegetable tanning is the most traditional and the most natural tanning and gives leather unique characteristics. In fact, vegetable tanned products are unique because they continuously change during their life and because their colours are so rich and warm that give a completely natural effect to the leather.

We are glad to work in a real artisanal way, that allows our leather to get the best quality in fact of flexibility, duration and beauty for the creation of beautiful leather goods like bags, shoes or other accessories.

The most important key of  differentiation from other industrial productions consists in our artisanal oiled procedure, that provides the leather with several layers of natural fats and olive oil, handmade one by one. That is the reason why  our products have a unique flexibility and texture in this sector.
For this reason Curtidos Atienza guarantees that our hides are free of heavy metals as well as of any substance that could be harmful for the human skill.